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8 Ways to manage post lockdown anxiety

As the lockdown constraints loosen, you may experience a range of feelings. While you may be looking forward to some things, you may be feeling overwhelmed or anxious about others. I’ll offer some suggestions to assist you to cope with any post-lockdown anxiety.

1. First, Take It Slow

To begin, keep in mind that it’s pretty normal to be experiencing a mix of highs and lows right now. Over the last year, you’ve most likely been accustomed to a new way of life.

While there may be things of your previous life that you miss, it’s also natural to be apprehensive or frightened about the future. You could be anxious about stepping out of your comfort zone once more and navigating unfamiliar territory.

To begin, keep in mind that a mixture of highs and lows is very typical right now. You’ve most certainly become acclimated to a new way of life in the last year during post lockdown.

While there are likely to be aspects of your past life that you miss, it’s also natural to be concerned about the future. As a result, you could be nervous about venturing out of your comfort zone during post lockdown. You may also like reading Top Self-Care Tips To Adopt This Year

2. Enhancing Preparedness While Keeping Schools Open

This includes enforcing and supporting preventive actions in schools and establishing protocols for schools’ handling of illnesses and potential cases.

Utilizing the educational system’s infrastructure and human resources to combat infection spread in communities and limiting physical contact by reducing social and extra-curricular activities during post lockdown.

3. Using Remote Learning Resources To Mitigate The Loss Of Learning

Many countries have turned to distant learning to compensate for missed education time. Teachers’ and administrators’ expertise with the tools and processes and infrastructure and connectivity are important variables in offering distance learning. Spend some time thinking how your kids can benefit from these opportunities.

4. Take Each Day As It Comes

It’s as easy as it sounds. Don’t overthink things or worry about what will happen tomorrow; instead, live in the moment. Also, don’t be too hard on yourself if you have plans for the day after post lockdown.

Take each activity, such as seeing a friend in the park one day at a time. Let your friend know how you’re feeling—crucial it’s to maintain real-life ties, so let them know how you’re feeling

5. Be Kind To Yourself

The most important thing to remember is to go your own pace. Even if the government decides on a national relaxing of certain limitations if the speed they set is too rapid for you, determine your schedule.

You should not feel obligated to undertake something you are not yet comfortable with; instead, consider your well-being when deciding how to proceed.

6. Change Is Inevitable

While it may have been pleasant (or not) to plan and move one assignment after breakfast and another after lunch, this may not function well at the office. As a result, you may need to adjust your schedules to fit into the office routine.

Present your case and negotiate your need if you are at a life stage that needs extra flexibility, such as caregivers of young children, eldercare problems, or persons with disabilities.

7. Adapt to the New Normal

Policies and procedures may differ significantly after lockdown easing. For example, a new set of workplace standards may be implemented and a shift in functions.

Organizations will be running a marathon to recoup whatever losses they suffered during the epidemic; thus, there may be many obligations to carry out. KRAs could rise, and fundamental duties could shift. Be hospitable. Take advantage of the opportunity.

8. Be Ready For That Cultural Shift

A Namaste can be used instead of a handshake. Hugs for a colleague’s advancement in their career can be replaced with applause and smiles.  Lockdown easing comes with different rules for living and staying safe.

Although providing individual personal space is a general rule in all companies, we sometimes neglect to do so. So be on the lookout for these cultural adjustments and be prepared to embrace them.

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