Foods and drinks forms a very important part of every culture around the world. If you’re in the UK, there are certain foods and drinks you should give a try at least once. These British meals and British drinks are a great way to get a taste of British culture and its history.

So whether you’re a resident or you’re a tourist, here’s a list of some top foods and drinks to try while in the UK.

1. Fish And Chips

This is probably the most popular British meal. It is simply a wonderful dish of deep-fried battered fish and thickly cut chips.

The streets of the UK are almost literally lined with fish and chip shops. If you’re a resident of the UK, odds are that you’ve tried this dish before.

Like all foods, you may not be able to fully appreciate the beauty of fish and chips if you get it in the wrong place. A good tip is to try this dish in shops that cook their fish fresh. You’re most likely to find a high concentration of such shops in seaside towns.

2. Sunday Roast

This roast dinner is a Sunday favourite among the British. It began as a special meal eaten after church service on Sundays and is still a favourite among families till this day.

A Sunday roast typically consists of vegetables and of course, the main player – meat. Almost any type of meat you choose can make be the star of this British meal – beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, etc.

Looking for a place to try out a Sunday Roast in the UK? Finding one shouldn’t be too hard because quite a lot of pubs serve this meal particularly on Sundays.

3. Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is fine fillet steak, coated in pate and rolled in a rich, light puff pastry. It is an absolutely delicious pie of sorts which you should definitely give a try.

If you’re looking to give this British meal a try, most posh restaurants and pubs have this British favourite on their menu. It’s hard to find a beef wellington that doesn’t taste wonderful, especially if you’re a meat lover.

4. Full English Breakfast

Even if you’re not a resident of the UK, odds are that you’ve heard of – or even had – this meal before.

The full English breakfast is served in hotels and restaurants all over the world and can include almost anything. This British dish is also known as a ‘fry-up’ by some and can contain almost every breakfast food you can think of.

Typically, sausages, beans, eggs, toast, hash browns, tomatoes, mushrooms, jams or marmalades, and much more, make an appearance on this food platter.

This breakfast meal can vary according to region, with a “Full Scottish” breakfast featuring Scottish dishes such as black pudding. This English breakfast combo is one of most popular British foods and drinks around the world.

5. Cornish Pasty

Filled with meat, potato and vegetables and enveloped in a thick shortcut pastry, Cornish pasties supposedly first become popular among tin miners. Now, these pasties are a big part of British culinary culture.

Cornish pasties take their name from the British county of Cornwall. There are some controversies as to whether or not these delicious pasties actually originated in Cornwall. But if you want a great plate of this British dish, you’re more likely to find one in Cornwall than anywhere else in the UK.

6. Haggis

This is a savoury pudding made from the liver, lungs, and heart of sheep as well as onions, oatmeal, and spices. This delicious dish is an ancient Scottish recipe that lies at the heart of Sottish culinary culture.

You can try this meal in Edinburgh. It is especially popular during Burns night, an annual event during which the Scots celebrate the famous poet, Robert Burns.

7. Tea

When you think of the British, tea is one thing that is likely to pop up in your mind sooner or later. So it may be almost criminal to leave this British favourite out of our list of drinks to try in the UK. 

A perfectly brewed cup of tea is one drink that the average Brit enjoys immensely. Tea was once a drink exclusively enjoyed by the upper-classes, but not anymore. So much tea is taken in the UK that the country brews about 60 billion cups every year.

As every Brit would agree, tea is such an integral part of the country’s food culture. If you’re a resident of the UK, you’re most likely not unfamiliar with this British drink.

Just visiting the UK? You should find a good place to enjoy a nicely brewed cup of tea.

8. English Cider

Cider is one drink than can easily be found in almost every pub or restaurant in the UK. This sparkling British favourite is made from fermented apple juice and is sweet and sometimes quite strong. Also read some great ideas for refreshing healthy drinks this summer.

This drink is so widely loved that in the UK that 45% of all the apples grown in the UK are used to make English Cider.

Don’t miss out on giving this British drink a try if you ever find yourself in the UK. Your English experience may be a little bit incomplete until you’ve had some Cider.

9. Scottish Whisky

Scottish Whisky is without a doubt one of the best kinds of whisky there is. It is made with malted barley using a process that is generations old and unique to Scotland whisky distilleries.

Scotland has been making whisky for hundreds of years. Before whisky can be accepted as the original thing, it legally has to be aged for at least three years in casks within the country. So when you’re having a glass of this British drink, you know it’s the good stuff.

While Scottish whisky is widely exported to countries all over the world, there’s nothing like sipping on a glass of the finest whisky, seated on the very soil where it is made.

10. Beer

The British have brewed beer for centuries and the art doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon. It is by far the most popular alcoholic beverage taken in the UK.

From the breweries that are centuries old, to the clandestine microbreweries that pop up every so often, there’s always a wide selection of beer to choose from in the UK.

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