A Guide On Ethics In Children

Ethics in children

Ethics in children are important. Learn what steps can parents take in raising a moral child. An effective guide and quick guide.

A Guide On Kids Screen Time


Are you a worrying parent because of kids screen time issues? Are you always feeling concerned about your children gazing into the screens of smart devices? Well, you are not alone. There are millions of parents who share the same worry, which we can refer to as ‘screen time’ issues. Without going into a technical […]

Rewarding Children-When And How?

rewarding children

Rewarding children is a wonderful parenting bait. As it motivates and encourages kids further. After all, we all seek some entitlement, and kids are no different. Rewarding no doubt is a cool way to keep the kids on the track of self-improvement and motivation. But it’s an art. If you are not rewarding your child […]

A Guide On Child Disciplining

Child Discipline

Are you parenting a child who is always causing you trouble and making you distressed? Are you looking for a quick help on child disciplining? We have compiled this guide for you then. Remember parents disciplining the child is a long and complex process. There’s no magic recipe and you cannot guarantee results over night. […]

Nutrition And Children’s Growth

Nutrition and children's growtNutrition and children's growth

The link between nutrition and children’s growth is comparable to a farmer. Who carefully waters, provide the right nutrients (fertilizers) to his crop. And continuously evaluates for any deficiency or disease to ensure best and proper growth. Likewise, parents need to keep a very keen eye on nutrients their children are taking. They should identify […]

A Guide On Child Safety On Internet

Child safety on internet

Does child safety on internet often bother you much? You’re not the only person with this worry. We see too many parents with growing concern. About the safety of kids online. While there is an abundance of the information and useful knowledge online. There is also a plethora of wrong, and behaviorally offensive content.   […]